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I made the previous heading while at work.  When I got home I decided to blow off some sleep and get some of the neater stuff was worth it!!!


Currently you have a video player down below (probably will resize that beast later) that was a play around and so the background picture would be shown completely.  Currently the only thing I can vouch for on the videos is that using YouTube to host works marvelously!  Someone try to add a video later as I didn't want to make another account to link a video to it.  It should require an approval but meh, that's neat too.


Also, site should be 100% on phones + tablets too.



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Glorious days of yester year!

Get Ready 2 Rumble's first and only video from the glorious TFC days!

Don't care if you don't like it as this game was a big part of my life during high school years and beyond.  Still love throwing a server up and concing until my eyes bleed!

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