And it's up again....

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Well this has been a royal pain in the ass trying to update everything; however, I have pushed through and it is done!


Some things have changed and/or gone away due to the fact that they are now obsolete.  Finding kickass templates for WoW related content, pain in the ass.  So the next step will be trying to institute a better template that will have to be custom made.  I plan on fully releasing any templates to the world for use after they are made so that someone other poor soul will NOT have to go through the bullshit I did.

So with this said, welcome to the new Apathy page!  Work in Progress all!


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Glorious days of yester year!

Get Ready 2 Rumble's first and only video from the glorious TFC days!

Don't care if you don't like it as this game was a big part of my life during high school years and beyond.  Still love throwing a server up and concing until my eyes bleed!

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